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Aquaplot Platform

Data & API Services

Sea distances, terrestrial and satellite AIS data, weather data, forecasts and more from Aquaplot and trusted 3rd parties. All available through a secure, unified and easy to use RESTful web service.

Web Applications

A curated list of solutions, from basics such as Distance Tables and Vessel Tracking to Voyage Estimation, Vessel Management and more.







A central go-to place for all business needs. Applications that work seamlessly together. Pay for data once, use it everywhere.


Infrastructure services and ready-made components allow you to focus on delivering maximum business value to your clients and go to market faster.

Data Providers

A great way to increase your brand awareness and monitize your data with little to no investment needed.

Software Providers

Immediate exposure to a broad and fast growing user base.

Best-In-Class Technology

Better Tech

Routing is an important, foundational element of the maritime technology stack. It's what powers distance tables, voyage planning all the way to weather routing and forms the basis for many commercial decisions. We feel that the maritime industry can benefit tremendously from more advanced technology in this area, so we went out and built it.

EvoSwarm Routing

Aquaplot is built on top of a proprietary technology that is inspired by how humans work together in teams. We call it EvoSwarm. It takes proven concepts of nature-inspired artificial intelligence to the next level.

Hello Vector Map

EvoSwarm works directly on vector data and does not rely on historical data for routing. It practically solves the routing problem the same way a human would by looking at the same kind of data (the map) - only more accurate, in milliseconds and of course it never get's tired.

What's next

EvoSwarm can perform a better job at today's tasks. Maybe more importantly, it can enable more uses that benefit the industry going forward. It is designed and engineered to be the most flexible and scalable solution in existance, enabling simulations at unprecedented scale. Our goal is to track every single commercial vessel and forecast it's movements into the future. This can be used for example for ETA calculation, traffic management or trading.

Patent Application Pending in...
  • European Union
  • United States of America
  • People's Republic China
  • Singapore
  • Japan


Historical weather data and forecasts (wind, waves, currents)

Nautical Map

High resolution map with traffic separation schemes, piracy areas etc.

Dynamic Optimization

Get routes based on your preferences and trade-offs (safety, cost, time, ...)

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